St Mary’s Church has sadly lost regular income due to Covid restrictions. New ways have been set up to help both churchgoers and non-churchgoers to donate, whether the Church is open or closed. St Mary’s is entirely reliant on funds raised locally and receives no money from the government.

We would be most grateful for all donations received, helping us to meet the ongoing expenses of St Mary’s, including our vital contribution to the Winchester Diocese Common Mission Fund. The different ways of donating are shown below.


1. Regular, planned donations

Parish Giving Scheme

Our preferred method of collecting regular donations is via the Parish Giving Scheme which uses direct debit. How this works is explained on the Parish Giving website here.

To sign up for the Parish Giving Scheme, please either contact our Treasurer by email at for a form or register direct over the phone by calling 0333 002 1271 and quoting Upton Grey’s parish reference number which is 410641133.  Your will need your bank account details to hand.

Please also contact our Treasurer at for details if you would like to donate by bank standing order instead.


2. One-off donation: online or via QR code or BACs

To make a one-off donation online, please click here or use a smart phone to scan the QR code displayed below or in church.

Please follow the prompts and complete your details if you are a UK taxpayer so we can claim Gift Aid on your donation.   When you have completed the details once, using the same payment method, the system will automatically assume Gift Aid is to be collected unless you click the Exclude Gift Aid button.

If you wish to donate by BACs to our PCC account, please contact our Treasurer as above.


3. In Church

To make a cash or cheque donation, please use one of the white Gift Aid envelopes available in the pews. During a service you may add this to the collection bag or place it on the collection plate at the end. Outside service times, a donation can be placed in the locked wooden collection box in front of the first pew. Our QR code is also displayed in the Church.

Sometimes collections during a service are for a specific cause or charity supported by the Church. A cheque should be made payable to Upton Grey Parochial Church Council.



4. Online Shopping

Easy Fundraising image

We have registered St Mary’s Church Upton Grey with #easyfundraising, which means over 4,000 shops and sites will now donate to us for FREE every time you use #easyfundraising to shop with them.

These donations will help SO MUCH, so please sign up to support us – it’s completely FREE and does not take long. Click here to start supporting us. You can even download a reminder, so you don’t forget.


Where donations go and how they are used

All money donated to St Mary’s goes into the Upton Grey PCC bank account. It is used to meet the running costs of St Mary’s and its ministry in our village.  Normally, like other churches, St Mary’s makes a financial contribution to the Winchester Diocese Common Mission Fund (CMF). This covers the cost of parish clergy, housing, pension contributions, training and (to a lesser extent) support for less well-off parishes in Hampshire. Our CMF contribution is currently running at a reduced level due to our loss of income resulting from cancelled fund raising events and inability to take collections in church.

For information or assistance with any of the financial ways to give, please contact the Upton Grey Treasurer via