New Residents

Note for new residents of Upton Grey

When the previous vicar Rev Peter Dyson came to Upton Grey Vicarage with his wife and children in 2004, they felt they were welcomed most warmly and given enormous help with settling in to their new home.  But despite all that help, as with any move, it took them time to get to know their way around life in their new community. It was perhaps often assumed that they knew about something when in fact – Peter later said – they hadn’t got the vaguest clue!  It takes time to get to know a village, to know what goes on, and to know who can help you get involved if you would like to.

It was the experiences of the Dyson family, and those of other newcomers like them, which led the Church – with the support of the Parish Council – to develop a “Welcome Pack” for newcomers to the village.

Upton Grey is an active community with lovely people. There is a lot going on, and a Welcome Pack cannot do real justice to the sense of community spirit here. But we hope it helps, and that it enables you to feel “at home” and less of a stranger to things sooner than might otherwise have been the case. The information in the Welcome Pack has now been incorporated into this website, but still you should receive a copy of the pack very soon after you arrive in the village.

The church has also developed a small network of neighbourhood care contacts to provide a welcoming link with newcomers to our village. Their contact details are in the Welcome Pack.

We hope your stay in Upton Grey will be a very happy and enjoyable period of your life.