Herriard with Winslade, Tunworth, Upton Grey and Weston Patrick

Funerals and Memorial Services

If you would like to arrange a funeral or memorial service at one of our churches, simply contact The Rector, and this can be arranged. Alternatively, services can be taken in one of the local crematoria in Basingstoke or Aldershot.

Please contact by email – or of course in person.

Annual “in loving memory” service

Every year, towards the end of October, we have an evening service at Upton Grey where we remember by name those whom we love who have died. Names are read out and a candle is lit for each name that is remembered.

The service is quiet and reflective and many people find it a source of strength to remember by name those who are important of them, in the context of the Christian hope of resurrection and the eternal love of God for both those living and those who have died.

If you would like a particular name read out, please give the details to