Upton Grey church endeavours to be one of the focal points of community in the village. And whilst many people – as part of their “good neighbourliness” – care for those around them, this is of especial concern to the church. The church Neighbourhood Care Scheme tries to make sure that people new to the village feel welcome, and aims to provide a link with those in our community who might be in need of some pastoral support at times of sickness or other difficulty.

The Neighbourhood Care contacts for the different areas of the parish are listed below.

Weston Patrick end of Weston Road: John & Val Griffiths
Weston Close: George Hillier
Round the Village Pond area: Barry & June Glasscock
Bottom of Church Hill: Tess Chevallier
Round Greywell Road T Junction: Lucy Church
Manor Farm Cottages: Llara Gardner
The Arboretum: Karen Reeve
Cleves Lane corner to top end of village: Ela Whitehead
Village end of Cleves Lane: Sue Naegeli
Far end of Cleves Lane: Jan Mendoza
Far end of Cleves Lane: Christine Gath
Middle Little Hoddington: Sue Smith
Far end Little Hoddington: Elaine Lewington
Woodmanfield: Kate Smith
Bidden Road: Andrea Janaway
South Hill: Jim & Linda Lawson
Limbrey Hill: Jane Willis
Hoddington area: Rachel Eames
Tile Barn: David & Judith Janaway
Humbly Grove: Tessa Morrish