The Upton Grey Educational Trust – A Brief History

You will all have seen the twice yearly advert in the Parish Magazine headed ‘Upton Grey Educational Trust’ and may have dismissed it as not applying to you, however a little insight may change your mind particularly as there is no age restriction or means testing.

Many of you will not have known the Village School for it is nearly 25 years since it closed.  The School was originally given in Trust to Upton Grey “for the education of children and adults within the Parish”.

In 1988 Ros Mills (a prominent former resident of Upton Grey) and Derek Trasenster, on behalf of the Village and with the help and advice of Lord Denning, took the County Council to the High Court in London to prevent them taking over the School and selling it.  A lengthy battle ensued to save the School buildings for use by future generations.  The High Court verdict was a partial victory for the Village in that although the School had to be closed and sold, half of the proceeds of the sale would go to the Village.  The School was finally sold for residential use in January 1990.

In August 1991 the Upton Grey Educational Trust* (UGET) was formed and the proceeds invested as set out in a scheme by the Charity Commission.  The income from this Trust can be used twice yearly “for the advancement of education” primarily in Upton Grey but also other Parishes within the Benefice. ‘Education’ covers physical education as well as development of the mind.

A body of 7 Managing Trustees was set up by nominees from Hampshire County Council, Upton Grey Parish Council, Upton Grey PCC and the incumbent of the benefice to consider applications received. The first grants were made in June 1992 and over the twenty five years since, a total of approximately £75K has been distributed by way of grants, benefiting nearly 70 applicants and 14 groups in addition to Long Sutton School.

One of UGET’s first applicants to benefit from the Trust said “I have been fortunate to have received financial support from the Trust throughout my studies and I recognise that the Trust has made a difference to the way in which I can access up to date information and resources that I may not otherwise have been able to afford.”

One of the Trust’s more recent beneficiaries says “I have used the Educational Trust many times now and it has been a great help. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to go on all the school trips I have.”

We are very lucky to have this fund and very grateful to the late Ros Mills for establishing it.  Funds are available and the Trust would warmly welcome any new individual applications.

The Upton Grey Educational Trust – application criteria 

Written applications should include details about the educational activity that you are planning and how the funding would support that activity. Examples of educational activities that the Trust will consider providing support towards include, but are not limited to:

  • University books and supplies
  • School / educational trips
  • Sports Equipment
  • Adult Education courses

The following Terms and Conditions should be noted when making an application:

  • Applications must be made by the person requiring assistance and not by a parent /guardian or other
  • Applications should be received before 1 June/December in order to be eligible for consideration, any received after those dates will be held over until the following meeting
  • Limited funds are available and discretionary amounts allocated may vary depending on the number and type of applications received
  • The receipt of an application will not automatically guarantee the provision of a grant
  • Receipt of a grant in previous years will not automatically ensure future grants
  • This is primarily open to residents of Upton Grey, but consideration may also be given to applicants from other parishes within the Benefice – funds permitting

Please send your application to:
The Secretary to the Trustees
Clock Cottage
Cleves Lane
Upton Grey
RG25 2RG
or via email to:

For further information please email the Secretary to the Trustees.

*Registered Charity number 1011616